La Bufadora Trips

La Bufadora is a  blowhole or marine geyser located on the Punta Banda Peninsula to the south of Ensenada city, in Baja CaliforniaMexico. Air is forced into the cave by the action of waves and is released when the water recedes. The spout of sea water is the result of air, trapped in a cave, exploding upwards. 

La Bufadora is the 2nd largest blowhole in North America, shooting upwards more than 30 meters (100 ft) above sea level.

  • La Bufadora Tour: 70.00 USD (price include transportation, trip in la Bufadora and traditional fish taco lunch).
  • Custom tour: one of our activities (Dive, Snorkel, Kayak, Hose Dive) + La Bufadora Trip=        Price of the Activity + 35.00 USD extra.