Price List (USD)

1 tank Resort Course   $139.00
2 tank Shore Dive       $125.00
2 tank Boat Dive         $159.00

1 tank extra dive $30.00

Snorkel           Adult (14+) $89.00    Kids (10-13) $79.00
Kayak              Adult (14+) $89.00    Kids (5-13) $79.00   Kids (-4)  $Free!
Hose Diving      $119.00

Passenger  (age +5) includes transportation and lunch       $30.00 USD

*Group price;

SCUBA Dive & Hose Dive
5 or More 10% OFF Regular price

Kayak & Snorkel:                                                                                                                                      5 or More 10% OFF Regular price                                                                                                            10 or more 15% OFF Regular price

*Extra activity for example snorkel + kayaking 50% off of regular price (89 + 44.50 (50% off) = $133.50  total per person

*Packages for more of one day tour;
2nd day 10% off
3rd day 15% off
4th day 20% off

Frecuent Customer (if this is not your first time with us) you get a 10% off

Activity +La Bufadora (Blowhole) = Price of the activitie + 35.00 USD


PRICES — 4 Comments

  1. Hello,

    How do we book a date and the time available ?
    We will be arriving June 3rd on the carnival amd would love to plan our day out and include this activity.

    Thank you!

    • Hi thank you for your inquiry, we still have availability for the 3th of june, tour starts at 10 am and finish at 3 pm, if you want to book go to reservations page please.

  2. Hello! We are coming in on a carnival cruise and would like to add this to our trip. Does the rental include a wet suit? And the 2 tank shore dive is the $125 per person ?

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