Snorkeling Tour 16/Feb/14


Reviewed February 17, 2014

So much fun! We had a party of 10, Diego, Jonathan, Patrice, Kaway were all very nice and very accommodating.

They picked us up right on time at the specified area. Diego’s driving was excellent and we all felt very safe with them. The actual snorkeling was so much fun, we saw plenty of beautiful fish, starfish, anemones, urchins, etc. Diego and everyone were very knowledgeable and made everyone feel very safe.

After snorkeling, we had fish tacos. BEST FISH TACOS EVER! Also, try the shrimp tacos. They even took us to a churro spot where we had THE BEST CURROS EVER! There were chocolate, caramel, creme filled or plain. Then they dropped us off in downtown so that we could walk around before heading back to the ship.

All 10 of us had so much fun! It is definitely worth the money. Next time we are in Ensenada we will definitely book more excursions through Baja Blue Diver.

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